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"Youโ€™re selling creativity. Raw creativity from talented people. Now, the problem has always been the studios. Although the beginning of the studios, the entrepreneurs who ran the studios were sort of creative guys. They would just take books and turn them into movies and do things like that. Suddenly all these corporations were coming in. They didnโ€™t know anything about the movie business.โ€

"The studios went back to saying, โ€˜Well we donโ€™t trust you people and we think we know how to make movies.โ€™ The studios change everything all the time. And, unfortunately, they donโ€™t have any imagination and they donโ€™t have any talent.โ€

Watch George Lucasโ€™ student film that inspired his debut while he discusses the state of todayโ€™s Hollywood.

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